The Pike County Dogwood Festival would love to be able to accept every food concession trailer who applies to be part of the festival, however, due to electricity and spacing constraints, we cannot. Due to these constraints, we have a limited number of spaces allotted for food trailers. We do add additional spaces each year as the festival grows, but can only add so many. As such, we have developed an application process that we believe is fair to both prior participants and new applicants as well.

ALL prior year participants (within the past 5 years) will be automatically accepted into the festival upon receipt of the application, however they MUST send in a 20 percent down payment by the due date on the application in order to reserve their space. IF the application or the 20 percent deposit is NOT received by the due date then your space may be released to the pool and subject to be filled by another vendor.

ALL NEW (never participated in the festival) applicants must send in an application for consideration before the due date on the application. Once received, your application will be considered using a number of factors such as; menu (including the number of vendors with similar menus), past participation, number of open spaces, and electrical needs. IF your application is accepted, you will be contacted via the preferred method indicated on your application. You will then be required to send in a 20 percent deposit along with all other required documents and your space will be reserved.